Physical intervention and restraint are always used as a last resort. As part of this training, individuals will be a taught various technique to safely hold and gain control.

Having the right training and access to skills and techniques can make the difference from a situation being managed well, to individuals getting injured or hurt.

Organisations have a duty of care towards their workforce, having then relevant skills and training to keep themselves and others safe is a statutory requirements under law.

Ignite training solutions offer practical training that will cover an array of eventualities

You will gain an understanding in

1. The legal aspects regarding control and restraint
2. Health and safety – touching on manual handling
3. Everything covered in “ breakaway and disengagement “ course
4. Non harmful methods of control
5. Higher level holds
6. What to do if an individual goes to the floor
7. Scenario based training
8. Positional asphyxia and excited delirium

Full Day Course – £595

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