Ignite Training Wales are a combination of passionate professional trainers who have utilised their experience and knowledge to create behaviour management packages which are tailored to provide skills that are fit for purpose.

Ignite Training Wales are committed to making defusion and de-escalation the priority when managing anger, aggression and challenging behaviour.

Helping and supporting YOU and your organisation is our primary objective.

Unfortunately, not all situations can be defused. Keeping individuals and professionals safe when dangerous situations arise is a key element of our training.

You will benefit from being able to:

  • Keep yourself safe and free from injury or harm
  • Keep others safe with effective intervention
  • Understand what you can do in the eyes of the law
  • Be able to use physical intervention confidently without relying on “size, strength and power”

The physical intervention and restraint techniques included in the packages we deliver have been medically audited and are effective and fit for purpose.

In certain circumstance, physical intervention is inevitable.

Our trainers will deliver, teach and explain the legality of the use of force alongside the mechanics of the human body.

We hope to assist you and your organisation to safely support your clients, whilst in turn ensuring that your staff have the necessary tools to keep them safe and free from harm.

What will you gain from our courses?

  • Increased awareness, understanding and knowledge in all aspects legislation and behaviour management
  • Increased confidence when faced with violence and aggression
  • The tools and techniques to keep you and others around you safe when faced with challenging and dangerous situations

We look forward to working with you in the very near future.

Courses We Offer

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“I would highly recommend Ignite Training and I look forward to doing more training with them in the future”
Jade Hill – Director and RI

“The tutors were very welcoming and made you feel relaxed…I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to others.
Cath Bowen (Childcare Officer)

Ignite Training Wales – Proud to be support the restraint reduction network.