Supporting positive outcomes for service users should be the primary objective of any organisation within the care sector. To successfully achieve these positive outcomes an organisation should:

  • Emphasise communication, trust and mutual respect.
  • Help individuals learn ways of effectively and safely communicating their needs through the care, support, and treatment that staff provide.
  • Focus on understanding the individual’s needs and addressing these needs, with the aim to reduce challenging presentations whilst promoting effective coping and communication strategies.
  • Implement a whole organisational approach and show ongoing commitment to the individuals that the organisation supports.

What will adopting this approach achieve?

  • A person centred approach to the support, care and services individuals receive.
  • Improved relationships between staff and the service user.
  • An active and consistent effort to meet the needs of individuals and promote their wellbeing.
  • Emphasis on the importance of Human Rights – Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity and Autonomy. Human Rights protect an individual’s freedom to control their day-to-day life, and effectively participate in all aspects of life in a fair and equal way.
  • To promote consistent and effective support with the needs of the individual driving the decision making process.
  • To provide strategies that help staff care for vulnerable individuals
  • To ensure that individuals are a part of their own Behaviour Support Care Programme and the legal rights of the individuals are respected.
  • To ensure the safeguarding and well being of each individual, those they interact with, and those who provide services to them
  • Needs to be embedded in organisational culture.

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