Reasonable Force – The Law is there to Protect You

When discussing personal safety,

The Law is there to protect you.

What do I mean by this?

For those of us who support and care for those who display challenging and aggressive behaviour, keeping ourselves and others safe is of utmost importance. Working in the health, education and care profession doesn’t diminish our right to defend ourselves and our right to remain safe and free from harm. You – as individuals, managers and employees – have rights and these rights are protected. Your right to defend yourself is not taken away from you when you enter the workplace.

We do not go to work to be assaulted on injured. This may sometimes be the case but it should not be the ‘NORM’. Our families need us to arrive home safe and free from injury.

Organisations have a duty of care towards their employees, this includes providing necessary training. What’s important is that we understand the law around the use of force. People often worry about using the word ‘force’. Force can simply be moving ones hand away from a part of your body to keep yourself safe.

Force is ok as long as it is “Reasonable in the circumstances”. Is it necessary, is it proportionate? These may just seem like words, but our expert trainers will provide further insight into their importance and how they are underpinned by law. For more information around ‘Reasonable Force’ along with tried and tested techniques to keep yourself and others safe, why not enquire about our Breakaway and Physical Intervention and Restraint packages?

Ignite Training Wales’ Breakaway and Physical Intervention packages are designed in a way which empower individuals by emphasising the importance of decision making around legislation, law and real life experiences..

What laws protect you?

To put it simply –

  • Common Law – a well established principal which entitles any person to defend themselves from attack by using “reasonable force”.
  • Criminal law – A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstance in the prevention of a crime

Our training will discuss these in depth and give trainees the confidence to make the right decision and keep themselves and those around them safe. Understanding these principles are crucial when faced with violence and aggression on a regular basis. When faced with violence and aggression it is important to act quickly and in line with the confines of the law. Ignite Training Wales can give your organisation the “edge” and ensure you meet your regulatory requirements.

Personal safety is a passion of ours at Ignite Training Wales, get in touch for a free video consultation and discounted prices for months March and April.

Best regards,

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