Physical intervention and restraint – removing the stigma

For us, physical intervention and restraint training is about keeping people safe – Plain and simple! We want to assist in demolishing the stigma that surrounds the subject and shine a new light on how far the industry has developed over the last decade.

The world of “C and R” (Control and restraint) is no more – Physical intervention now accentuates the importance of personal safety.. Trainees are now taught how to utilise the skills and techniques to manage difficult and often dangerous situations in a controlled manner with the best interests of individuals as an underpinning priority. The techniques and skills taught are medically audited and begin by being least restrictive..

We would be naïve to state that all situations are managed in this way.. But contrary to popular belief the majority of restrictive interventions are used in order to keep individuals safe and prevent injury or harm to themselves. In this new world of distress and emotional vulnerability, self-harm and suicide is on the rise. Many individuals from a variety of organisations have to physically intervene regularly to prevent serious injury or potentially death. This is done with the sole purpose of caring and helping someone in need..

The training team at Ignite have a mindset of compassion. We care about those we teach, and for those they care for. Training days with Ignite are filled with knowledge, mutual respect and an element of humour to bring the best out of individuals and to work towards a new era in the world of physical intervention and supporting vulnerable individuals…

Feel free to reach out.


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