A time to reflect – Physical intervention training day with a group of childcare officers in Neath Port Talbot

I can speak on behalf of all the trainers involved in this week’s physical intervention training when I say that it was an incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable day.

Capturing and enjoying these moments is why we do what we do.

Doing something you love, and improving people’s confidence, competence and knowledge is extremely motivating and is something we at Ignite will never take for granted.

The day was a mixture of informative PowerPoints around the Use Of Force, Health and Safety and Manual handling with the addition of more sensitive topics like positional asphyxia and excited delirium.

We moved on to the physical elements of personal safety which involved breakaways and disengagement. Teaching individuals how to stay safe, ensuring they reunite safely with their loved ones at the end of every day made it a satisfying start to the afternoon.

The trainers utilised a scenario based approach with frequent interaction while making the optimisation and understanding of skills a priority. The group absorbed the information and by the end of the session had mastered the techniques,

Sian once again blew everyone away with her knowledge and delivery, tactfully supported by her right hand man Dean.

We at Ignite aim to simplify training and try not to overcomplicate – in the “heat of the moment” you are not going to remember complex skills and techniques.

When it comes to physical intervention, simplicity = success.

What was great about the group was their ability to bring their experiences into conversations which led to a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere which meant a better learning (and tutoring) environment.

Who did we train?

The group were a number of childcare officers for a local children’s home in the South Wales area. The age, experience, background and confidence level of the group members were varied.

The medically audited skills and techniques (taught to us as trainers through the NFPS) once again made the training a success for the trainees and meant that myself, Dean and Sian felt encouraged and excited about what the future holds for Ignite Training.

My personal highlight from the day was seeing the change in confidence and belief in one trainee in particular and watching her leave as if she’d had a new lease of life. This wonderful lady began the training day having just left a long night shift where she had been dealing with some particularly challenging behaviours. However, a few strong coffees later, she was ready to go. Her character and eagerness to learn was contagious.  We didn’t mistake her warmth for weakness; she was not one to be messed with. She nailed all the techniques, proved herself one of the best, and took so much out of the day.

Approaching situations with the right attitude and mindset, surrounded by the right people (and doing so consistently) will bring success.. Maybe not immediately, but when the accumulative compounding affect of these finally hit, the changes you’ll see and the successful outcomes you’ll experience will be more than worth the wait.

I leave you with some wise words from a great leader:

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

Make a small, positive improvement every day and be astounded by what the future brings.

Ignite Training Solutions have a trainee centred approach, striving to meet the unique needs of the organisations with whom we work. This, along with developing long term relationships, is our main aim and will be paramount in our vision moving forward.


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